phpScheduleIt Help


Registration is required in order to use phpScheduleIt. Reservations made with the legacy system (retired on 15 May 2013) will still be honored however users of that system must recreate their accounts here to make new reservations.

Making Reservations

Under the Schedule menu item you will find the Make a Reservation item. This will show you the available, reserved and blocked slots on the schedule of your choice and allow you to make reservations. Available slots will be highlighted green when you mouseover them.

Any changes made to a reservation will not take effect until you save the reservation.

Booking on behalf of others

Application Administrators and Group Administrators can book reservations on behalf of other users by clicking the Change link to the right of the user's name.

Application Administrators and Group Administrators can also modify and delete reservations owned by other users.

Updating a Reservation

You can update any reservation that you have created or that was created on your behalf.

Deleting a Reservation

Deleting a reservation completely removes it from the schedule. It will no longer be visible anywhere in phpScheduleIt

Only Application Administrators can delete reservations in the past.

Adding a Reservation to Calendar (Outlook®, iCal, Mozilla Lightning, Evolution)

When viewing or updating a reservation you will see a button to Add to Outlook. If Outlook is installed on your computer then you should be asked to add the meeting. If it is not installed you will be prompted to download an .ics file. This is a standard calendar format. You can use this file to add the reservation to any application that supports the iCalendar file format.


Administrators have the ability to configure quota rules based on a variety of criteria. If your reservation would violate any quota, you will be notified and the reservation will be denied.